Monday, August 2, 2010

8/2/10- Day 1!


As previously mentioned, today is the official day one of the quest!

Starting stats

Weight: 250.1 lb/113.7 kg

Measurements ( I took a lot! ) 

Bust- 45 inch/ 114.3 cm
Chest (under my bust) 100.3 cm
Waist- 42 inch/106.68 cm
Hips- 50 inches/ 127 cm
Left thigh- 28 inches/ 71.1 cm
Right thigh- 28 inches/ 71.1 cm
Left calf- 19.5 inches/ 49.5 cm
Right calf- 19.5 inches/ 49.5 cm
Left upper arm- 17.5 inches/ 44.5 cm
Right upper arm- 16 inches/ 40.6 cm  (I am right handed, this is probably why this arm is smaller!)
Left forearm- 12 inches/ 30 cm
Right forearm- 12 inches/30 cm
Neck- 14.5 inches/36.8 cm

Painful part's over.... Measurement update in a month.

Now, today~


1 cup of rice and 1 hard boiled egg


1 cup of whole wheat pasta and 2 ounces of ham


Peanut butter on a piece of bread


1 cup of rice, a boiled egg and 3 vienna sausages


Perfect Design 1 DVD- I did each move for the legs about 15 times.  I didn't want to over do it and 15 was enough to get me feeling it without hurting myself for a week like I did last Monday. 

Beginner dance cardio- Did this after the PD1, did the warm up and combination 1. After that I was incredibly tired.... But I'm guessing that is about 10 minutes of actual cardio.

That's it for today, check back tomorrow for day 2~

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