Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 20- 8/21/10


Today I started eating clean, well cleaner than I HAVE been.  I'm approaching it gradually, I find it difficult for me to stick to anything cold turkey overnight.  I've tried doing a complete overhaul of my eating habits so many times, and they all failed likely because it wasn't gradual at all. More like, "As of tomorrow I will never eat X again!"  Please don't kill me if "bad" foods pop up time to time.  I also have to wait to get paid next to go shopping for better stuff.  I also really wish I had a local farmers market.  If I do, I have no idea where. I do have a friend of mine who lives not too far that goes to a farmers market. 

Alright- here's what I ate today!


Oatmeal and strawberry preserves

Midmorning snack

Protein shake


Hardboiled egg and some green beans drizzled with some olive oil (to get my healthy fat in and to spruce up the canned green beans) and sprinkled with some organic garlic powder 
1/2 cup of brown rice


Protein shake (after working out)


Whole wheat spaghetti with the natural pasta sauce I found.  Added more garlic, oregano and a teaspoon of olive oil to it because it tasted kind of bland.


Did PD1 as usual, cardio was going out to the park, doing jumping jacks, skipping around, varying my movements a lot like in dance cardio.  People stared at me but so what? :)

I hope all of you had a great week! Have a great weekend as well!


  1. You are doing great! Food is my biggest hurdle. Have you thought of having fried rice with just egg whites? It provides a perfect mix of whole grains and lean protein.

  2. Hmmm... Sounds really good actually. My problem is that I can't afford financially (yet) to eat healthy 100 percent of the time. All of that food I found in my kitchen was stuff I already had, and need to eat to get rid of it, and I figured it's healthier than instant ramen or Burger King. :) I usually eat whole eggs because I don't really get enough calories with the food I eat (also a big reason why I drink protein shakes). It does seem like Tracy Anderson leans toward eating really low calories (1000 or less!) for losing weight. (have you seen her lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks plan? It's really restrictive, and I don't see how spices make you gain)

  3. Your food looked really good today! I, too, wish I had a Farmer's Market near me, but I don't. It's sad. And hey, if you can't afford to get nothing but healthy, organic stuff, at least do what you can. Like, if you do have to buy ramen for some of your meals, make sure you're having some fresh vegetables on the side (and please don't use that whole packet of seasoning). Also, if you want any ideas for delicious, "clean" meals to eat check out my health blog. I'm on a diet right now but the food is awesome, and I usually post my meals and pictures of them for the day, so feel free to check that out.

    And as for the calories you should be eating, you really should not drop below 1200. 1200 is low enough for you to lose weight, and for you to do it at a healthy weight without your body completely losing muscle (which is something that Tracy doesn't want to happen). Any lower than 1200 and your body is most likely going to think it's in starvation mode for the first couple of weeks. Then it will get used to it, and then it will start eating your muscle first before it gets to the fat. Anyway, you're doing good, Roxy, keep it up!

  4. Screw egg whites, eat the whole egg. The yolk has lots of valuable nutrients in it.

    Even at 1200 calories a day, depending on activity level, you risk your body going into starvation mode making it even tougher to lose weight. Women that are active could probably run 300-500 calories more a day and still lose weight.

    Also aim for .7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This will help you feel full longer and fuel your muscles. Toss in some healthy fats, lots of vegetables, etc.