Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 11- 8/12/10


Had another really productive day, woke up early, did some cleaning, and got my workout in early afternoon, which I seem to like a LOT better than working out before bed.  Then I can use my evenings for relaxing.


1 bowl of rice and an egg (my bowls of rice are about 1 cup of cooked rice each)


2 sugar free popsicles- we had really hot weather today, in fact there was a heat advisory in place today.


2 bowls of Korean soybean paste soup- really good and low calorie. It is basically  miso soup with potatoes, zucchini, onion, and tofu. Very good and very healthy!


Did PD1 again- 15 reps are starting to get easier but not quite enough for me to go to 20. Not yet, maybe next week.  Did warmup and combo 1-2 of beginner DC but indoors, due to the heat. 

See you tomorrow! :)


  1. You are welcome to new ideas? Give this idea a shot:

    In the long run a good mixture of real strength training, some cardio type activities, and eating real food to support what you are doing will do you much better then a starvation diet and no building up of your muscles. Trust me, you won't get bulky from lifting.

  2. For what to do eat to be healthy, see what these ladies are doing:

    Read some of their stores on how they changed their body composition.

  3. You are doing it all wrong. Its great that you are starting but your diet is the key factor to looking amazing. You need 5 small meals a day. Oatmeal with an egg white, fruit with some nuts, cottege cheese, lunch you can have a salad but make sure there is some protein with it and some good fat, snack some fresh veggies, and dinner some lean meat with veggies. You fill your plate with veggies at night with about 3-4oz of lean white meat the veggies will keep you from snacking. Its about 1100 cal a day and to weight train you need to not worry about doing 20 reps. More like 12-15 and go heavy where 12 is hard its the only way you will find your body changing, and you do more then one body part. Cardio hard not long a good 25 min cario session where you cant walk right after is the key to burning fat... and the key to putting on muscle is lifting heavy, squats, deadlifts, you can do full body workouts, and even body weight workouts. You may need a trainer to get you on the right track.. Comming from a girl who has an issue with eating 5 times a day now.. due to too much going on, its changed my body and its hard for me to even lose one LB of FAT or gain a lb of muscle.. I just stay the same. and keep gaining... Trust me.. the eating 5 small meals a day and workingout hard is the onlything that will get you into shape and looking HOT.. best of luck

  4. So sad to see that you think popsicles are nutrition. Remember your body is like a machine and if you don't put the right gas in the tank its going to breakdown. There are mant different diets and training methods out there but I'm sure we can all agree that your starvation plan is not only unhealthy but dangerous.

    Being teeny tiny is like living in a prison if you are not genetically made that way. How about being strong and confident? You will never get through p90x on popsicles and miso soup. You will just end up "skinny fat" with no muscle tone since your body will eat its muscle to get the protein it needs.

    My heart goes out to you. There is so much more to life than being a certain size or weight. You can have a beautiful sculpted body by eating lean meat veggies some fruit nuts and seed. And lots of it! Good luck to you... I hope you see the light. <3

  5. This is scary stuff. Please have a look at the links Wayne posted.
    You're going to end up doing serious harm to your body.....irreversible harm.
    Your health is more important, and you'll end up with a teeny tiny HEALTHY body.

  6.! Get some serious help!

  7. I went back through and read every day you've done so far. I admire that you want to change your body but I want you to try something. Before you dismiss it know I have no idea who you are and we will likely ever meet one another. I have no reason to post other than hoping that I can spark a positive change in your life.
    Here is what I want you to try-
    After you've completed 1 month of your current program, adopt a paleo diet (strict paleo, do your research on it). Don't worry about counting calories, just make sure your getting enough food and not eating the wrong things. Second, do some strength training, circuit training, and interval training. Not long slow cardio sessions, but rather break it up and do 2 min hard, 2 min easy x 10.

    The little cheat items in your diet (coke, twinkies, which btw aren't even food) are bad yes. But its the choices that you think are healthy that are going to sabotage you. Wheat, soy, rice, bread...all bad. You will lose weight on what you're doing, but it will likely be more muscle catabolism (breakdown) than fat loss (which is ultimately what you want). You do not want to lose muscle. Aside from being the primary movers of our body, muscles are active tissue and when they require oxygen actually HELP us burn fat when we exercise.
    Here are a couple of articles you may find helpful. They are written by Charles Poliquin, a world renown strength and conditioning coach. They come off with a humorous, in your face approach, so please don't be offended by his tone.

    These are only 2 in a series of 7 articles.

    To reiterate, please try a different approach for a month and take it seriously. I promise you that you'll see better results, have more energy, wont get sick as often....and the list goes on.

  8. Definitely take note of all the comments above. Obviously, folks are concerned about your approach to weight loss and general health. I can assure you that the low calorie lifestyle you've adopted WILL be counterproductive. You WILL eventually start having issues with your thyroid gland, and other problems. You dont necessarily have to start eating paleo, but it's an option. For sure, you need to add many, many more calories, including healthy fats and protein. Training needs to include weight lifting (resistance). Consider crossfit.

  9. To add a little more, it is great that you are looking to get in better shape. What myself and others would like to see you do it in a way that is healthy and long term. Which means making sure you have good strength, a good endurance, good balance, etc. That you are eating a healthy diet that you can eat for the rest of your life and that you get a good amount of sleep.

    I would suggest reading "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sisson. Easy to read, lays out a health plan (diet, exercise, sleep) that anyone can follow. He evens has a free ebook on primal fitness you can find on his website ( Also check out Robb Wolf's site ( and watch for his book this fall.

    If you have question, don't be afraid to ask. You'll find that many of us that are into health and fitness are willing to offer advice and support as long as you are willing to but in the effort.