Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 17- 8/18/10


Another really busy day, planned to come home around noon, ended up being stuck out until 4:30. Ugh. However I did bring some snacks with me this time.


Oatmeal with a spoon of organic strawberry preserve mixed in


1/2 a small (3 ounce) bag of beef jerky


A 4 piece chicken nuggets kids meal at McDonalds- I get the kids meals so that I can still have the taste/convenience of the food but a lot smaller portions (read: less calories) than the adult version.  I shouldn't have eaten it at all but this is after I started to realize I wasn't going to be home in time for a real proper lunch.

Afternoon snack-

Other 1/2 of beef jerky


Green beans, some whole wheat pasta, and tomato sauce on it with a little parmesan cheese

Exercise- no Tracy exercise today- will do it tomorrow, Friday and Saturday to be 5 workouts this week~  Walked a lot on my errands and stood in line... a lot.  Once school starts on Monday I think there will be some peace (no errands like crazy, etc) in my life :)  

Also I am open to opinion on the following-

When Tracy says to "master" a DVD, does she mean just being able to do 40 of each move, or does she mean doing that with 2.5 pound ankle weights on?  I am SLOWLY getting there~ I have to work on the cardio endurance as well.

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