Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 12- 8/13/10


Today I think I did pretty well, aside from not doing my cardio- it is so hot that even with the air on it kinda feels too hot to do cardio inside. I don't want to pass out!

My food for today has a couple little additions to it!


Rice and an egg


1 chocolate protein shake


Beef vegetable soup (1 bowl)
1 bottle of low cal gatorade

Afternoon (post workout)

1 chocolate protein shake


1 Korean vegetable pancake (this one was pretty big, almost as big as my plate! But so good... And its fried, so I only had one.)
1 bowl of soybean sprout soup 
1 bottle of San Pellegrino


Did PD1 again, and I am realizing doing 15 reps of the legs is still a bit tough and I think I'll stick with 15 for another week.  As I mentioned before, cardio was put off today due to the heat advisory here.  I'll do cardio tomorrow if it isn't so horribly hot!

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  1. Food is looking better, good job. :) Oh, and I don't know if this is an option for you, but when it's too hot to do normal cardio you could try swimming. Can't really be hot while doing that, but it is a hell of a workout. I know it's not Tracy-approved, but it would be better than doing no cardio when the weather sucks.