Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 22- 8/23/10


It's Monday, so you know what that  means- another weigh in!

Last week: 251.4 lb/114.27 kg

This week: 250.0 lb/ 113.64 kg  total loss: 1.4 lb/ 0.63 kg~ I'm glad it's starting to go down. I am now lighter than even when I first blogged- by 0.1 pounds but still, a loss is a loss!  Next Monday is a measurement Monday!


1 bowl of brown rice with a hard boiled egg and a splash of soy sauce


1 protein shake (My protein shakes have 140 calories with 26 grams of protein each, and I make them with water unless otherwise noted.  Out of milk or I would have used that for some extra healthy stuff!)

Lunch/Post workout snack:

Another protein shake (brown rice keeps me shockingly fuller than regular...)


Whole wheat spaghetti (1 serving like it says on the box) 
1/2 cup of natural spaghetti sauce (with some added olive oil)


1 small container (single serving size! Didn't want people to think I meant a big whole container) of strawberry yogurt

Exercise: PD 1 still with the 5 rep increase from last time.  I swear, every Monday workout feels like I haven't worked out in weeks, only after 1 day of rest.  I am noticing my posture improving a little and when I was out today at school, a glimpse of my reflection in a window and I saw I am looking thinner but my butt seems a little bigger and lifted up.  I read on the Bar Method site that bulking up MAY happen before slimming down and I think that's happening. (Remember how I gained weight at first?) 

A link to that article can be found here in case you haven't read it, and I found it relevant since BM is a lot like the TA Method:

As for cardio, I did no cardio today.  I have no idea why, I just didn't.  That means it is DEFINITELY in the cards for tomorrow~ I have to build up that endurance!


  1. Hey Roxy, glad to see you switched to brown rice! It makes you feel full longer because it takes longer to digest than simple white rice. I still worry about your vegetable and fruit intake though. Try getting some more of those in each day. Oh, and congrats on the loss! It looks like you are losing weight at a really healthy rate.

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