Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 21-8/22/10


Wow... It's 3 weeks done already! One more week until I take my measurements!  This week was pretty crazy, as I went out almost every day for some reason or another.  I finally got to rest today. No exercise, no errands, no worries.  I start class again tomorrow, Monday and Wednesdays at night. I'm really excited!  I also can't wait to go get paid so I can grocery shop a little better.

I am seeing my size reduce, clothes fitting a little differently but I do not think my weight has changed much yet.  Also I am afraid the protein shakes might be causing it but I am not sure.  I have heard from some friends NOT to drink those, they will make me fat, whereas other people have said DO drink, they help burn the fat off.

Well, I'm off to bed, have a busy (workout and class) day tomorrow and a weigh in!

Good night and I hope you all had a great week!


  1. protein shakes are good if you're working out and trying to turn fat into muscle. which in turn will make clothes fit better but might not lower your weight (fat is less heavy then muscle)

  2. Protein shakes will not "make you fat". They will help you to build more muscle, which will make it so the scale will go down just a little bit slower. But yeah, as long as you're working out, they're good for you.

  3. I agree! Protein shakes are good if they are not filled with junk! Look for things with rice protein, or whey protein and no more than 120 calories max! Just focus on lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits and youll be fine! You got this girl! =)

  4. You can't turn fat into muscle, or vice-versa.

    Your protein shake should be whey or casein, or a combination of the two (I like Nitrean from At Large Nutrition). Protein shakes can be handy, and great if on a mass-gain. Best protein is still real food. It will help you feel fuller longer (which is a good reason for casein over whey protein).