Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 23- 8/24/10


Last night I had a terrible time trying to sleep... I tried EVERYTHING- shower, soft music, darkness, watching TV, etc... Except eating~ and I didn't fall asleep until 4:30 am... Woke up at 8:30 to force myself to be up for the day so I can tire out and sleep at a decent hour.  We'll see how that goes...


Brown rice and an egg


1 protein shake and a hard boiled egg


1 Tbsp of peanut butter on a slice of bread
Green Beans with olive oil

Mid afternoon-

Protein shake


1 cup of whole wheat pasta, 1/2 cup of sauce (I have a lot and I literally just have one serving each. It fills me up too!)


I did do my PD1 despite my tiredness, by the time I worked out I was pretty awake.  I do notice one weird thing- My left leg is noticeably weaker than my right, the leg sequence is MUCH harder on my left than right.  My right leg can do 20 reps with little (but some) difficulty, but my left leg struggles.  I am not going to up the reps until my left gets more caught up. I don't want to have one side that much stronger than the other...  Also, my right side is my tighter side. Stretching out my right hamstring is a living hell. It's getting easier but it's tough. 
No cardio, when I was done with PD1 I wanted to pass out, and I didn't want to fall over while dancing.

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