Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 30- 8/31/10


30 days! At first I wasn't sure I'd even make it this far. :)

Day two of my calorie cycling went well again! Today's goal- 1356 according to the calculator thing.  I was actually spot on again!


Protein shake- 140 calories
Rice- 200 calories
Egg- 70 calories


Chocolate rice cakes- 60 calories


Healthy Choice Beef Tip Portobello dinner- 270 calories
Cheddar cheese rice cakes- 117 calories

Fat free microwave popcorn- 100 calories


Healthy Choice Beef Broccoli dinner- 400 calories
Total calories- 1356- requirements met!

Exercise- No Tracy Anderson stuff today, I had errands this morning and walked about 1 hour at about 3 mph. When I got home I was sore, both from yesterday's workout and the walking. Will do TA for sure tomorrow if I am not sore!  Also tomorrow is my highest calorie day- 2033!

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  1. Correction- 1357- over by one calorie. No biggie. :)