Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 25-8/26/10


I regretfully have to inform you that today, I slipped and fell off the wagon.  How?  I overate today, and did not exercise.  I blame this all on my hormones. Yeah it's about that time of the month for me and considering how I USED to be I am doing better, but still gave in.


None, slept til noon


Whole wheat pasta and sauce (I started the day right at least)


1 cheese danish donut

1 piece of tomato focaccia bread
1 bowl of hamburger helper my roommate made
1 handful of butter toffee peanuts

Exercise- none... However I did decide 10 minutes of cardio isn't gonna cut it. More like do 10 minutes, take a break, do a little more. I noticed a lot of people saw better results when they upped the cardio too.  I will do my best to get off my bum and straighten up again tomorrow.


  1. Hey, at least you're honest and are looking to do better tomorrow! You're right about the cardio, too. For you to really start seeing results your heart rate should be elevated for at least 30 minutes. That's what's going to start burning the fat off. Here's to a better tomorrow!

  2. Yeah I have to be honest, nobody (almost) diets perfectly 100 percent. Especially during that time of the month. Usually I am a lot worse~ eating overboard for days in a row, etc. Yes, here's to a better tomorrow *well, today but you know what I mean~*

  3. I think it's so great you are gonna hop back on the wagon tomorrow! When I overeat I do the same thing--let it go on days in a row. I'm good with the workouts but dieting is hard for me! You can't beat yourself up when you have a bad day of eating, the best thing to do is make tomorrow better, and you're gonna! Great job Roxy!

  4. Hormones are a killer for me. Those three days before "the aunt comes to visit", make me wanna eat an entire chocolate cake. It's good to record all your days though--good and bad. Best of luck!