Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 7- 8/8/10


Today is my first official rest day since starting my little quest.  I think I will use Sundays as my day to reflect on how the week went, what I could have done better and what I did well~ 

Unfortunately my week didn't go so well (diet exercise wise) as I would have liked because of the weekend of concerts and that one day I lazed about and ate way too much. I had to not do my TA exercise to save up the energy for the festival.  However the days that I did work out, I did well, I am at 15 reps a move on legs (PD1) and I have the first combo on Beginner Dance Cardio known like the back of my hand!  You know what that means?  Do the warm up and combo 1, then after try to learn combo 2!

I will weigh in tomorrow but not sure how that's gonna go... (Warning- too much information alert!) I just got my monthly visitor on Saturday and I feel puffy and bloated.  So if it looks like I gained, that's probably why.  We'll see in the morning, I have been drinking a lot of water to try to de-bloat myself.  Depends on how I feel, I will still work out, even if it is only doing 5-10 reps each (due to cramps). Little exercise is better than none!

I hope you all had a great week and I noticed I have more followers! Thank you so much, keep reading! As I have been, I will do my best to post daily, and as always, hold myself accountable whether I was good or not. 

See you tomorrow guys!


  1. Exercise is supposed to help with cramps, so maybe do the cardio first and hopefully it will have dulled them enough so you can go full force with the muscular work.

  2. Hmm good idea! I woke up this morning like... ughhhh... So I will pop in some ibuprofen (to me) and pop in the cardio and see how that goes~

  3. It's ok, we need fun in our life too, just try to get back on track TODAY!!

  4. @ Courtney~ I did~ :)
    @ screwdestiny~ I did a little cardio (and some powercleaning at home and I do feel much better! Plan on taking on PD1 before bed tonight (and before blog of course)

  5. Hi Roxy. I just wanted to let you know that I find your blog very inspiring. I found it on the TAM Facebook page and it was great to see someone in a similar situation. So many on the FB page are such pros that it had me intimidated because I have never been athletic or an "exerciser." I want to lose about 50lbs and really get tone and seeing you go through the process has me ready to commit. I just ordered the Mat DVD and I have the Beginning Dance and the Dance Cardio DVD from 2008. I gave up the first time watching them thinking I had to be a dancer to get it, but now realize I just need to keep at it. I am sort of prepping this week and hoping to go full-on next week.

    Anyway, please keep blogging because it really is motivating. And advice on how to get started would be great. :)

  6. Hello Mieke~

    Yes, I agree, most people on the FB page already have the fit body people like us don't have or haven't had for years. There is very little material online about people who have a lot to lose using TAM and I am in a way, being a guinea pig for it. Beginning dance is really easy once you learn it. What I am doing is trying to learn one new combo a week, I have learned the first,and even Tracy says you do not have to jump around like they do right away if you are not ready to. DC 2008 is way too much for me and I USED to be a dancer but with all this extra weight it is very hard. Beginner dance is a great place to start, even if you learn one combo a week, or even one a month if that is all you are ready for. Once you learn a combo, do it as many times over and over even to your own music until you get tired. Dance Cardio is VERY challenging on the endurance! I still get winded out after doing it along with her in the video (including the breakdown) once.

    The Mat workout is a great place to start~ I have tried it~ You will need a good sturdy chair and a set of no heavier than 3 lb weights. If those are too heavy, take two water bottles (the 16 ounce ones) and hold those and do it. That's one pound.

    If you have any more questions please do ask, friend me on Facebook page if you want to as well. Even though I am really just starting for real now, I have done a LOT of homework on the TAM.

  7. Thanks for the advice. I will start the Mat DVD in the mornings, and work on learning the BDC in the evenings. I will keep you posted!

    Hope you feel better. :)

  8. Thanks! I do feel better now~ I learned bdc combo 2 so I am going to go outside and dance to 1 and 2 in my driveway