Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 28- 8/29/10


It's Sunday again, that means time for my reflections and what I can do better/what I did well this week.  Also, this is a special blog because this means I successfuly stuck to this for 4 weeks! That's my first month!  That means along with my morning Monday weigh in, it will be my first measure in since starting!

This week:

I had a hell of a time with my dieting and exercise this past week due to my monthly buddy on the way.  I feel I could have done a LOT of things better this past week.

This past month:

My main qualm about my performance this past month- NOT ENOUGH CARDIO! 10 minutes here and there is not cutting it.  I read we need at least 30 minutes a day for weight loss.  Also my diet could have been a bit better as well.

Plans for the next month:

1. I decided I am going to try something called Calorie Cycling.  I found a calculator that calculated the amount of calories I need a day (It's a lot more than I HAVE been eating) 

The calculator can be found here:

You'll notice under your results it will show you a link to 7 day calorie cycle- that is how many calories per each individual day you should eat.  The point behind this is to trick your body into not going to starvation or plateau mode.  Apparently a lot of people do lose weight like this, and weight loss is continual unlike setting each day at a certain level of calories.  My minimum calorie requirement (I am looking at "extreme" fat loss) is still surprisingly high, so I will try it anyway.  Maybe my lack of eating much really IS sabotaging me.

2. Cardio, cardio, CARDIO! NEED MORE CARDIO!  I am going to try and do the entire Beginner Dance Cardio DVD every day after Perfect Design 1. (I am not upping to Perfect Design 2 because I am still out of shape and have not fully mastered PD1 yet).  I can use the learning portions of each of the 4 combos as sort of an active rest.  I will try tomorrow and let you know how it goes!  I will go to PD 2 and begin the 10 day rotations once I am able to do 40 reps of the leg moves on PD1. Right now I still struggle at 20!

3. More stretching. One thing about Tracy's DVDs is that they dont give enough time to really streeeeetch.  So, I will attempt to do my old ballet stretches at night before bed. I want my flexibility back! Also my hips are still very very tight, making some of the leg movements on Tracy's ab section painful or difficult. 

4. Eat better! This is something that does take time but during the next month I will try to make even more smart choices and try to eat cleaner, and eat MORE. 

That's about it, I will see you all tomorrow with my updated stats!


  1. I like how you evaluated the previous month and you've picked out what you can do better. The calorie cycling sounds like a good idea for you. Good luck with mastering PD1!

  2. I got your link from the TA website. I lost 100 pounds last year, got pregnant, gained a bunch back, and have lost most of it again. If you want, you can meet me at Good luck to you.

  3. Hi Jacqui! Thanks for stopping by! I am following your blog too~

  4. @Screwdestiny- Yeah it seems easier for me, since I tend to eat more on some days than others. I think I will up the reps to 25 next week~ I'm struggling a little bit with 20 on the left leg, not as bad as last week. :)