Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 29- 8/30/10 1 month check in!


Today is Monday and also I have re-measured myself~

Weight: 251.3 pounds/ 114.23 kg - 1.3 pound/0.6 kg gain.

Measurements- (These pleased me!)

Bust- 45 inches- 0 inch loss
Chest- 38 inches- 1.5 inch loss
Waist- 40 inches- 2 inch loss
Hips- 49 inches- 1 inch loss
Left thigh- 27.5 inches- 0.5 inch loss
Right thigh- 26.5 inches- 0.5 inch loss
Left calf- 19 inches- 0.5 inch loss
Right calf- 19 inches- 0.5 inch loss
Left upper arm- 16 inches- 1.5 inch loss
Right upper arm- 15 inches- 1 inch loss
Left forearm- 11.5 inches- 0.5 inch loss
Right forearm- 11.5 inches- 0.5 inch loss
Neck- 14.5 inches- 0 inch loss

Total body loss- 9 inches!

I think I could have lost even more if I did more cardio and ate more mindfully.  That being said- Today is the first day of my calorie cycling-

Total calories needed- 1695


Slept in, didn't eat breakfast

Midmorning snack-

Protein shake- 140 calories


Healthy Choice beef broccoli microwave dinner- 400 calories

1 cup of chex mix- 280 calories

Post workout-

Protein shake- 140 calories

Dinner- (was naughty but I was on the way to class)

Double hamburger from Burger King- 410 calories

Night snack-

2/3 cup pretzels- 280 calories

3 Lifesaver Mints- 45 calories

Grand total- 1695 on the nose!  Tomorrow is 1356 calories, have to be a bit more frugal. Wednesday is my highest day of the week- 2033 calories!!! 


Did PD1- still at 20 reps on the legs.  Felt good. Maybe next week I'll up it to 25 if my left leg isn't struggling so much.

Cardio- did the warmup to Beginner Dance Cardio- then realized I don't have room to do the combos! However, I improvised.

I danced for 15 minutes straight at a pretty high impact, not necessarily doing a combination over and over but switching time to time moves I have seen Tracy do in BDC and in DC08. Just without spinning and twirling all over the place.  Makes me really want to get a mini trampoline~ I would have done 30 minutes had I not had errands to run before class. Nonetheless, I was left a sweaty, tired (in a good way) mess. :)

Have a great start of the week!


  1. I love being a sweaty, tired mess after a workout. Let's me know it was working. Haha. Those are some great stats with your measurements, girl! It just goes to show you that the scale isn't the only thing that matters. And great job with getting exactly the amount of calories you needed today. Good luck with fitting more cardio in this next month as well. You can do it!

  2. Yeah it does! Also it makes the shower you take right after feel like a nice massage~ Yeah I agree- scale is not the only way to know progress. I used to think the scale was the best way but I learned~ I think I can do the cardio, 15 minutes even burns a lot of calories if you really go all out (like I did).