Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 19- 8/20/10


Before I log about my day, I want to talk about eating clean.  I realize that even though I am cutting my portions down, I am STILL eating junk, which can't be helping me at all. I have always wanted to try to eat clean but didn't think I could do so financially (I'm a college student on a limited income), but after some research I was pleasantly surprised to find that at times, eating clean is actually cheaper than eating processed foods and such.  Saves money on fast food, soda, delivery, takeout, etc.  I took a look through my cupboard today to see if I had anything clean or close to it.  Turns out I have quite a bit.

1. Canned vegetables
2. Brown rice
3. Whole grain pasta
4. All natural organic pasta sauce (No HFCS or any other chemicals/preservatives)
5. organic natural peanut butter
6. organic natural strawberry preserved
7. non-instant oatmeal
8. eggs
9. Popcorn (the kind you use in an air popper, not microwave popcorn)
10. Dried seaweed 
11. Miso paste (all natural)
12. Buckwheat noodles (9 grams of fiber per serving!)

It's not a lot but with the protein shakes I drink, this is a good start until I can go grocery shopping again.

From what I have read online, here are some tips to eat clean and stay on a budget as well as some I came up with-

1. Only buy produce that's on sale
2. Canned and frozen fruits and veggies are just as good for you as fresh
3. Eggs are a great, inexpensive source of protein
4. If you have any local farmer's market, try going there also for fresh fruit and vegetables.
5. If you have access to a warehouse club like Sam's Club or Costco, they sell boneless, skinless chicken breasts frozen and in bulk, and you can use only what you need when you need it (usually the breasts are individually wrapped)  In my area, I can get a 10 pound bag of chicken breast for about 15 dollars.
6. If you can, try growing some of your own food too.

Being that I already seem to have some cleaner foods in the kitchen, I will be starting to eat better tomorrow. Today I didn't make the best choices to be honest.  I wish I could turn back time and do it over but there's always tomorrow to start!


Slept until 1 pm, skipped.


Instant cup noodles

Mid afternoon-

Protein shake


6 inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich from Subway


PD1 without cardio today.  I should have done it, I don't know why I didn't, to be honest. 

It actually takes courage for me to admit and be accountable for what I eat and workout, especially when I totally made bad choices (like today).  Tomorrow is a new day, if you are also dieting and you have a slip, remember you have tomorrow to start over!! Don't give up just because you slip up here and there. We're all human, we all make mistakes, and nobody can diet perfectly 100 percent of the time.


  1. Canned veggies are nowhere near as good for you as fresh. A great deal of the nutrients are depleted in the canning process. That, and they normally taste like crap.

    Anyway, I commend you for making the decision to eat cleaner than you have been. It will be better on your body, better for your weight loss, and you will just feel better all around. :) It's true that it can be expensive, I definitely know how that is, but if you can find the money in your budget for it then it's totally worth it.

  2. Skip the canned vegetables, fresh (locally grown is best) or frozen. Most of your other stuff isn't bad, just not the best. A serious lack of protein and healthy fats in your diet.

    Protein shakes can be good if you really need the extra calories (I use them after strength training), but not a substitute for real food. I know you have stated the medication you are on destroys your appetite, my advice to you is to go to, post your medical conditions, what you are currently taking, the effects it has on your appetite, and what would he suggesting you do. Robb Wolf knows his stuff.