Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wheat-Free Recipes!

Hello everyone! 

Today I was cooking some Korean food today and it was a dish that USUALLY has wheat snuck in or is part of one of the main ingredients.  I made a wheat free version today that tastes just as good!

Rice Cakes in Hot Sauce (떡 볶이) This dish is commonly served as street food in Korea as a yummy spicy-sweet snack. AND it is very easily made gluten/wheat-free!

What you need (PAY ATTENTION TO THE NOTES BY INGREDIENTS. Remember to always read ingredient labels since brands and selection DO vary)

Serves 4-6 people depending on appetite

1 bag of Korean rice cakes (Make SURE that the ingredient list does not say "wheat starch" or anything- They ideally should be made of Rice, Salt, and possibly some kind of alcohol to dry them for shipping. They come in a variety of shapes but traditionally this dish is made with more cylindrical shaped ones. It's a matter of preference! OR you can make your own here: )

Gochujang (Hot pepper paste)- Make sure the ingredients do not include wheat flour- choose the kind made with glutinous rice only!  I did not list an amount because this is to taste.  Usually I use about 6 tablespoons but I like mine HOT.

Tamari Soy Sauce- this is wheat free and also to taste. You will not need very much.

Brown sugar or sugar- about 4 Tablespoons or more if you like it sweeter.

Garlic or Garlic Powder- to taste- I like mine very garlicky

Odeng or Korean fish cakes- I do not use these because I have a fish allergy but traditionally these are included.

1 medium onion cut into slivers

Green onion for garnish

1 hard boiled egg cut lengthwise for garnish


1. Pour rice cakes and onion slivers into a large skillet. Pour enough water over them to cover.  Cook until almost boiling and the rice cakes are soft.  If there is still a lot of water in the pan by now, drain some off until it's as wet as you'd like.  Water doesn't have to cover the cakes at this point.

2. Add gochujang (at least until the remaining water is red) stir well.  When adding soy sauce you should only add enough to make the sauce slightly darker in color.  When adding sugar, taste a little each time you add some so you can adjust for taste, same for the garlic. Stir very well after adding each seasoning.  Also add the fish cakes at this time if you are using them.

3. Continue to cook for 2-3 more minutes on boil or until onions are tender and fish cakes are hot. Sauce will thicken a little. Serve with sliced green onion and a hard boiled egg on top.

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