Thursday, April 12, 2012

Abcentric Metamorphosis Review

Hello everyone!

Here is another promised review- Metamorphosis Abcentric days 1-90 (the starter).  I was watching it last night to prepare myself for Monday and I decided to look ahead to see what was up in my future.

For those who don't know- this is what the packaging looks like!

1. The editing is just fine, it seems.  I haven't heard about editing issues on the first 90 days anyway but I just like to make sure.  

2. Sometimes Tracy DOES do a slightly different variation of the same move when she switches legs. I don't love that, I just stick to the move she did the first time and count to 40 at my own pace (or however many reps she says to do- some moves only 10-20.)

3. Abcentric ladies: If you hate planks, brace yourself. After the first month especially! Planks on the side! Regular Planks! Planks where there shouldn't be! (Joking!) But yeah... If you are core-strength challenged like me then this looks like it will really give us a run for our money. 

4. Level 9 is the same for everyone... But it still scares me. The moves don't look devilish but from what I have heard from people who have done it... Even experienced TAMers who are in shape were hurting (in a good way) the next day. For the whole 10 days.

5. Cardio and Intro are pretty straightforward. Cardio is Tracy dancing around for 30 minutes for us to follow along and the intro is Tracy giving a little talk to you before starting.

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