Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feeling even beter... Kind of.

Hello everyone-

A week after messing up  my neck, it feels about 90% better.  It's looking likely that I'll be able to work out again this Monday.

I have to go shopping tonight or tomorrow for some more wheat-free food.  I still have some meats so what I need are salads and perhaps some more veggies (maybe more berries but we'll see how much they are).

I have also decided to see if there is some Greek Yogurt on sale- I love the stuff and the protein content is very good too~! I like it plain or with honey mixed in.  

Have you done your shopping for the week?  What kinds of foods do you buy at the store?

Have a great Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you -- I am finding that as soon as I eat something bready (or crackery), I feel bloated and unhappy immediately. I think I will follow your suggestion and try avoiding gluten as much as possible...

    Also, my Tracy Anderson rebounder DVD arrived, and it is fun! I was worried that the choreography would be complex, but it is not. I could only handle five minutes though -- my goodness, I was huffing and puffing!