Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 5 complete!!

Hello everyone!

I finished 5 days of Meta! Today was level 1 day 5 and I am now at 30 reps per leg. It took a longer time today because I think I'm a little tired still.  Cardio was 30 minutes of dancing on the floor. 

Speaking of cardio- I recently emailed the Tracy team because I had a question about the rebounder and if it was appropriate or not.


I currently have both the Trampoline workout and Metamorphosis/Continuity Abcentric. 

1. I have never been able to do full on dance cardio like Tracy does on the DVD. 
2. I can do 30 minutes of the dance cardio on the floor STEP TOUCH ONLY and even with that it's pretty challenging.
3. I am overweight and very out of shape (restarting the method after a long break)

To get the most out of my cardio work, should I focus on doing the rebounder first (I can only get through about 5-10 minutes of it at the moment) or focus more on the floor cardio? I am also keeping up with my muscular structure work and eating right. (After restarting Ab Meta days 1-10 I am on day 4 and have lost 5 pounds already)

I really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.


And the next day they replied:

Do as much of the dance cardio doing the step touch as you can on the floor and add in the mini trampoline when you need to or for a change. You're still doing to see the results doing either or both of these modification.

You're doing a great job, keep it up!! 

So for any of you who are in between if you should be doing trampoline or dancing on the floor, they PREFER us to be on the floor so if you can do this, keep with that and use the trampoline on an as-needed basis. (If you get injured, etc)

I hope you all had a great Saturday! Check back soon!

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