Friday, April 13, 2012

Lemons into Lemonade

Hello everyone!

I will admit- this morning, I was in a pretty perturbed mood.  I had been asked by my boss to come in early, which is fine, but I really wish I had been told WHY.

I came to work dressed business casual- nice shirt/pants, dress shoes, etc only to find that I was asked to come in to be packing and moving a ton of boxes because our office is moving to another space.

If I would have know this I would have at least worn more appropriate clothing/shoes. Blehhh!

Then I decided to think positively about this.

At least I am getting some exercise in.  Also, (after a bunch of little slip ups this week) I have been good with eating today.  No grains and only a tiny bit of starch, and dinner will be something good for me (going to a steakhouse- planning on some steak and veggies) so today might result in some actual fat loss. J

I will be doing the same thing at work on Monday (followed by class at night) and I will still attempt to do Meta that day. I might even try getting the MS done at least in the morning.

Have a lucky Friday the 13th!

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