Thursday, April 5, 2012

I was bored while recovering...

Hello everyone!

I was sitting here, bored and thinking about my workout, when an idea dawned on me.

Since life keeps giving me little slip ups and being the anal (at times) person I can be, I decided to stop using the Meta tracker that came with my Abcentric set.  It is not that flexible and I hate crossing stuff out all over the place (I'm a freak. I get it.) So, I instead ran off a bunch of those calendars from the site (the ones that have no levels listed, just days), made a few copies of the measurement part of the tracker, punched some holes into it and put it in a binder.  That way I can write in all my own stuff without having it be so "set", and have a little more flexibility. I also printed the calendars off in black and white because it not only saves on color ink but also makes it easier to read and looks neater to me.

I even made a cover for it with a picture of Tracy with the words in pink next to it: Tracy Anderson Method Measurement/Workout Tracker Binder. I was thinking of putting food diaries in there too but that would be just too much paper. I have a small hardcover notebook for that. 

I cannot wait for this damn neck of mine to get better so I can hop back on and lose my weight!
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Do any of you have an unconventional way of tracking your workouts? (Unconventional as in not using her tracker)

Post in the comments below!

have a good night everyone!


  1. Hey Roxy! I do the same thing with tracking my workouts-- it keeps me accountable without getting psycho about the crossing out stuff.

    How have your results been on Meta so far?

  2. Well I had to stop working out due to my neck injury- but the good news is coming on my next post!~