Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Starch or not to Starch

Hello everyone!

Today I had a completely grainless day. However, it was not starch free.


4 hard boiled eggs


Beef vegetable soup

Snack (during class)

Kettle potato chips seasoned with sea salt (starch!)


An italian sub sandwich but instead of a bun, the meat and vegetables were wrapped inside a lettuce  leaf.
Mashed potatoes (more starch!)

So yes, while I did manage to not eat grains today, I ate starch from potatoes. Not very much, the total amount (the chips and the mashed) is smaller than my hand.

But here begs the question- Should I eliminate them 100%?  I don't think that is 100% possible, but I do want to try to keep my starch sources from potatoes (preferably sweet potatoes- lower blood sugar effect).

If any of you are grain free, do you still eat starch? Comment below!

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