Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Continuity 1.3 Review

Hello everyone!!

Last night I sat down and popped in my 1.3 abcentric DVDs to have a look at what's (way) ahead for me.

Please note that I am reviewing based on what I SEE, not on how hard it is etc because I have not done them yet.

Dance Cardio

Another 30 minutes of dance cardio, pretty straightforward. There are NO bonus arms in continuity 1.3.

Muscular Structure Work

In 1.3 Tracy starts incorporating a small pilates ball.  She uses it in a wide variety of ways- As something to balance on while on all fours by putting one of your supporting hands on it, holding it between your knees/ankles (working those inner thighs) and wedged in a bent knee. 

Editing quality

I have heard many stories about crappy editing on these but this one seems okay.   I do notice that for the left side  *Tracy does the right side first* they actually take the footage from the right and just flip it.  To me that could actually be good because you're sure you are going to see the same workout exactly for that left foot. (There is an instance in Meta where she goes to the left side and does 2 moves differently- more on that later)

Also there are NO missing sequences (I also heard stories about entire leg sections MISSING due to crap editing) at least in Abcentric.

In short, they did a decent job with 1.3.  Gotta watch the rest thoroughly and post later.

Have a great day!!!

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