Friday, April 6, 2012

Even more good news

Hello everyone!

Earlier today I was mentioning the good things happening to me- not losing much of my results, feeling better, etc.

I also heard more good news today.

One of my good friends has a young sister who is very obese, and has been for quite some time.  I haven't talked to this friend in a while and I heard some astonishing news.

In 3 weeks, her sister lost 20 pounds and went from having a blood glucose level of 300 to 120. IN THREE WEEKS with no exercise.

What went right? Her mother stopped feeding her grains and keeps her on berries, yogurt, meats, and vegetables. 

She now says she is not as hungry as she used to be (this was a kid who would CONSTANTLY want food), more energy to play, and feels much better in general.

I am so proud, she inspired me to take grainless-ness by the balls again (lately I have been dipping into them) and show my wheat belly who's boss, or as my other friend put it- hop on the No-Grain Train.

Have a great night, just thought I would gush here because I couldn't hold it in. :) 

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