Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello everyone!

I haven't done my Meta today (I MIGHT- depends on how I feel).

Getting back into moving around and eating better... Is actually a pretty tiring process this time around for me.  Mostly PHYSICALLY tiring.

However, today was not 100% wasted.  I did walk for an hour and it took a lot out of me. Back aching, feet hurt, etc.  Apparently not having wheat today also seems to have drained me. According to the book "Wheat Belly" this is actually pretty common.

So I am going to take this week one day at a time- still keeping active but active for what I can handle with my energy level. 

I guess an hour walk is decent, I do feel like I did something and I want to go to  bed after posting this, hahaha.

Have a great  night!

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