Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Continuity Reviews

Hello everyone!

Still recovering from my sore neck, so I took time today to watch my Continuity 1.3 DVDs and I realized something. I have talked about all kinds of TAM stuff but I never went through and reviewed the DVDs themselves.

So, starting with Metamorphosis days 1-90, I will watch all of them through and write a little post about each part of the program and as I get more Continuity I will add on with that too. 

That way, no naughty surprises- I have heard horror stories about levels of continuity missing the entire leg section, etc and I will watch through mine and let you know about any roadbumps.

Also keep in mind that my reviews will be for the Abcentric set only.  There MAY be differences between the centrics. 

So, I will go to bed now but just a little heads up to what's coming. 

Have a good night!

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