Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eating well and exercising, one day at a time.

Hello everyone!~

Not the most exciting post, but I feel a sense of accomplishment so I will blog anyway! :)

Today I actually kept 100% grain free. No mistakes. No accidents. No slip ups. 


A large Fuji Apple and a cup of coffee with nondairy cream/stevia


A big salad with half a can of canned chicken breast


Handful of oven toasted almonds


I skipped. I didn't feel hungry enough to eat. This usually happens when I eat well. Breakfast and lunch usually (not always) are enough when I eat this way.  When I eat crap, I need all three squares and snacks. 

I also did some exercises!

I did the Tracy Anderson arms webisode

100 Plies

And played some Dance Central 2

Tomorrow I am not sure what will happen, I am trying to take it a day at a time. One thing for sure is I will be starting Meta the day after tomorrow, so tomorrow might just be a stretch day. 

Have a great Saturday night!!!


  1. hey girl, thanks for posting that arms webisode! even though I had seen it I hadn't given it a try as I figured the Mat arms video was better. but I decided to do it and omgoodness, it burned even more than the mat arms which was so surprising because it's shorter than mat. thanks again :)

  2. you should also try Hip Hop Abs.. ;)
    thank you for this post anyway.. ;)