Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Got a dog? You got a workout buddy.

Hello everyone!

Today I was almost unmotivated to move around.  My dog, however, was hyper as ever. Too hyper. So, I decided to calm him down a bit and get my butt moving by going on a nice walk.

Studies have shown that people who own dogs (and WALK them) tend to weigh less, be happier and have lower body fat percentages. 

According to an article I read, a study done by Dori Rosenberg of SDSU's clinical psychology joint doctoral program,studied 2,200 people in Seattle and Baltimore and one third of them had dogs. 

Out of those dog owners, two thirds of them actually walked their dogs and they weighed an average of about six pounds less than the ones who didn't and had lower bmis. 

43% of the walkers also ended up meeting the federal health guidelines of 2 and a half hours of physical movement a week. 

"It's been shown that having social support helps people to achieve their fitness goals, but that doesn't mean it has to come from another human," the article said.

Click  here to read the article.

So, having a dog can help you slim down and stay healthy BUT you have to walk them! 

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