Friday, April 27, 2012

Nutella not healthy after all? You don't say!

Hello everyone!

I can across an article that made me laugh.  Apparently Nutella (yes, the chocolate/hazelnut spread that is like crack to a lot of people) has been advertising itself as "healthy". (That's the funny part)

Well, now they are getting sued.

A woman from California has sued  Nutella for falsely advertising itself as a healthy dietary choice for her 4 year old daughter.  The ad does seem to claim that Nutella is a good part of a nutritious breakfast.

For an example, here is the ad-

The truth is, Nutella is as healthy as melting a candy bar and spreading it on your toast (or eating it by the spoonful out of the jar).  The end result?  The total amount sued for is 3.5 million dollars, one million going to the mom in California and the rest of it divided among people who have purchased up to 5 jars of Nutella between Jan 1, 2008, and Feb 3, 2012 .  

If you bought Nutella during these times, click here for how to file your claim.

For more information, the article can be found here:

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