Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Breaking old habits one day at a time

Hello everyone!

I am going to be starting Metamorphosis this coming Monday, my workout buddy and I have agreed to this, she is currently ill with the flu and my work schedule this week is super hectic and tiresome.

However, I did do well giving up grains today. Got offered cookies (again) but politely turned it down.  With my monthly friend on the way this week (yes, I have been having cravings like crazy) I turned them down and drank some water.  It sucked, but the need for cookies did eventually go away.

Pictured: Those little evil temptresses known as Golden Oreos~!

It's still not easy for me, mentally most of all!  Maybe if I was a bit younger this would be easier to change my habits. 

Have any of you had to make a HUGE change? A little change? How was the process for you? Post below!

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