Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 31- 9/1/10


It's finally September... I can't wait for the cooler weather!!! So far I really enjoy this calorie cycling thing. I don't even feel like I am dieting.  Today was my highest day of the week- 2,208 calories... But I ate it. It was challenging and I had to eat a lot (unfortunately a lot of it isn't perfectly healthy either but that's a LOT of calories...)


1 Sausage Biscuit from McDonalds- 430 calories
2 Hash Browns- 300 calories

Midmorning snack-

1 protein shake- 140 calories
Caramel rice cakes- 60


Roast beef TV dinner- 350 calories

Mid afternoon/Post Workout
1 protein shake- 140 calories
Fat free popcorn- 100 calories


2 cups of whole wheat pasta- 400 calories
1 cup of tomato sauce- 140 calories
Dinner roll (plain) - 80 calories
1 tsp olive oil (on the pasta) - 45 calories

Total calories- 2185 calories- a little short but man... Eating today was difficult. I haven't eaten this much in a day in a long time. Tomorrow is more reasonable- 1467 calories for tomorrow. That's a lot more realistic!  It seems like Wednesday is my designated pigout day or something. Other than breakfast (which I had at McDonalds to knock out a good portion of the calories- I would have to eat a LOT of the food I have at home to make up for it and when I overeat I tend to get indigestion and we all know how fun THAT is. :)  )


Was able to max out at 20 minutes of high impact dancing... I always push myself with that to try and help my endurance.  Did NOT do PD1 and I feel pretty guilty about it. I didn't do it early because I had class, and I got home later and more tired (I think from all the food) than I expected. There's always tomorrow! 20 minutes of cardio is not bad as it is all things considered. 

Have a great night and see you tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad to hear you're building up your cardiovascular endurance. Keep at it and you'll be doing an hour in no time! For high calorie days like this I would recommend eating foods that are calorie dense but still healthy. Nuts, for instance. One ounce of nuts is 200 calories, so you can easily get a lot of calories right there without having to eat a lot. And they're really healthy for you. Also, an ounce or two of cheese is fairly high calorie, considering how little you're eating, but that way you'll be getting calcium. Good luck with the rest of your week!

  2. Thanks!!! Maybe I'll go get some peanuts to snack on, or better yet.. I have natural organic peanut butter at home! Perhaps on crackers. :)