Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 2 (with part 2 of day 1)

Hello everyone!

As promised- here is part 2 of yesterday- my workout. I did level 1 day 1 and only got my MS in.

Today- I decided that I am going to try weight watchers again. Not the current plan, (I hear it doesn't work nearly as well) but the 2007 Turnaround plan.  I unearthed my old material and I remember being a lot lighter before and losing about 20 pounds on it.  Yesterday, the nutrient boost food made me feel ick. BIG headache, sleepy all day, and feeling like all around shit.

Today, I have been eating the old weight watchers way and I feel normal again. Not bogged down, not sleepy/light headed.

I have to go work out but I will update you when I finish! Have a happy Fat Tuesday! 

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