Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

Hello everyone!

Today I was really super busy with work and class, my workout consisted of only a 30 minute walk.

I did, however, get to the grocery store this evening after class.  I bought enough food to last me through tomorrow, since I get paid tomorrow and can get more.  I came across something interesting- a packet of seasoning mix to make tofu burgers with. I bought that and a bunch of tofu (88 cents a package, got about 8) and a bag of salad for tomorrow. New grocery sales also start tomorrow so I am hoping for some good salad/veggie sales.

I am also going to squeeze in a workout- Meta again.  I am not going to count my walks to and from work as part of my "workout". Walking should really be something I do every day, regardless of my fitness level. 

So, the goal starting tomorrow is to get a TAM workout in at least 4x a week, eat clean, and NOT EAT MY RESULTS.

What is "eating your results"? Doing a kick ass workout, then going to McDonald's for a super sized giant meal with a big old greasy burger and regular soda.  I really need to STOP. I have been eating mostly good foods for the past few days but I have ruined it a couple times.  No more. I really have to stop treating my body like a trash can.   I haven't been too happy these past few days and that's why sometimes I felt like I just didn't care anymore. :( 

I'm hoping tomorrow brings a brighter day, at least emotionally.  I hope all of you had a nice Leap Day!

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