Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 1 Redone.

Hello everyone!

 I. Am. Sore.

This is what happens when I get a real workout in. Last night I kicked ass at my MS- I did level 1 day 1 with 20 reps a leg (upping to 25 today) and I did 30 minutes of cardio.  Today will be my real day 1 since Monday just plain old sucked. 

There is something I have noticed about TAM workouts and me.

I can get sore from MS alone, but the real kicker that leaves me unable to climb/descend stairs/get up from a sitting position is when I do that PLUS cardio. And I don't even really jump- Just step touching and breaking a sweat to the best of your ability will kick your ass. Whatever fitness level you are at, you have to push yourself during both. You don't want to be SO sore that you can't work out the next day, but sore enough that you feel like you did something. 

My diet went well too- stayed within my points range and everything. Also- I had NO soda yesterday! Just tea and water. Trying to kick the diet coke, or at least just have less of it. 

Getting ready to start my day- Upping those reps is gonna kill me one day, hahaha

Have a great day and check back soon!

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