Saturday, February 18, 2012

Modified Week 1 Nutrient Boost Diet

Hello everyone!

I heard a few good ideas from some of you about modifying the diet to cost less and be easier to prepare and I went with some of them.

The first nutrient boost week is supposed to consist of eating the following every day:

Green juice
Sweet potato corn pudding
Carrot parsnip puree
Blueberry applesauce
Chicken Protein Soup
Choco Chestnut Pudding

These items sometimes use a lot of ingredients, or they taste nasty (the Gazpacho is nasty to me, yet others love it), or they are a lot of work to prepare. I am making the following modifications-

1. Drinking 8 oz of Naked Green Machine juice in the morning (It has no added sugars and a greater variety of fruits and vegetables mixed in)
2. Skipping out on the Gazpacho (I don't like it and it's the one meal I dread out of all of this)
3. Instead of making chocolate pudding, I am going to have a piece of 85% cocoa dark chocolate instead as my dessert. 
4. Instead of pureeing carrots/parsnips, I will have some carrot sticks or cooked carrots (whatever the mood calls for) or have another sweet potato/other food.
5. I have some applesauce left from before, but instead of applesauce when that is used up, I will have an orange. Oranges are very cheap right now (They're probably in season). 
6. Instead of making Protein Soup, I would eat a few pieces of steamed tofu and some broccoli. I'm not so sure I have space to store the containers of the finished soup.  I do have all of the ingredients to make the actual soup but I am debating, it depends on how much time I have to make it fresh/space to store it.
7. I will not be making sweet potato corn pudding but having a baked sweet potato instead.  Grains bother my stomach, so corn isn't a great idea for me.  However, I have made it with the corn and pureed and it DOES taste good.

Doing it this way also makes it easier on me in terms of refrigerator space.  I share a refrigerator with other people and cluttering up the fridge with a billion little containers isn't happening,

Also, you may be wondering if omitting foods is okay. Of course it is. Tracy says that on the Nutrient Boost weeks, no adding other foods but you can omit/double up on foods except for the chocolate.

Also, if I do not eat all of the food and I am not hungry, then there is no reason to force it down, is there?

Can't wait for next week, it will be a lot simpler. (every other week is a lot simpler, haha) Green juice, a protein and a plant source for 2 meals and a think thin or shake on the last.

I'm excited- Taking updated measurements tomorrow (will post them here) and getting my workout planner ready.

Have a great weekend!

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