Friday, February 24, 2012

No More F****ing Around.

Hello everyone!

I have really decided to make some changes to my life. Before, I had my mind in the right place, the right intentions but I just didn't have the push to do it. I have been feeling sluggish and tired all the time (again) and I am very certain that my diet is primarily to blame.

FIRST off- I want to just stop fucking around with weight watchers and "diets" and go paleo again.  More later in the post.

SECOND- My goal is to get movement in every day. It doesn't have to be TA, it can be so simple as walking to and from school. No more elevators, escalators, etc unless there is no other way up or down.

THIRD- My skin is in APPALLING shape. I have hordes of under-the-skin acne all over my face and BLACKHEADS.  Anyone who knows me in person knows that I had wonderful skin my whole life... and now this.  I have been super lazy in doing my skincare these days, and I strongly believe diet is a big player here too.

FOURTH- I MUST start moisturizing daily. As in my body.  I have been also super lazy here and all I get is I end up suffering by clawing myself raw every  night.  It's not eczema right now, but I am ashier than a dirty chimney.  Flakes everywhere. Sick, right?

FIFTH- Taking a Multivitamin will probably do nothing for me but help. I want to start taking them daily. I have one with extra biotin in it, which is good for skin, hair, and nails, all of which need work.

So, these things really need to change. A talk with a friend of mine yesterday really made me realize I need to shape it up. She is also trying to do the same.

So every day, my goal is to make all of these things habit and not a chore.

Now, I want to start paleo tomorrow, but I cannot get to the grocery store until March 1 after I get paid.  Determined, I went foraging in my kitchen and found the following:

6 eggs
6 pounds of fresh sweet potatoes
1/2 bag of frozen organic broccoli
2-3 bags of frozen organic spinach
3 lb bag of raw walnuts
3 big cans of canned chicken breast
A plethora of various teas (green, black, lipton, cookie-flavored, strawberry, etc)
A bag of oranges
1 snack cup of organic applesauce

So, I will be trying to make this paleo-friendly food last until I can shop. Waste not, want not. 

Looking to get a good kick start this weekend- how about you?

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