Sunday, February 19, 2012

Starting Stats!

Hello everyone-

I took some before pictures (not showing them until I have something to compare to) and measurements. I will be taking my weight on my Wii Fit tomorrow. 

I took the following measurements-

Bust- 48 inches
Chest (right under my breasts)- 42 inches
Waist- 47 inches
Hips- 52 inches
Left thigh- 29.5 inches
Right thigh- 29.5 inches
Left arm- 17 inches
Right Arm- 16 inches
Left Calf- 20.5 inches
Right Calf- 20.5 inches
Left Bikini- 33.5 inches
Right Bikini- 33.5 inches

On the workout tracker, Tracy does not ask for all of these measurements, some of them I did for my own reference.  Tracy's workout tracker asks for bust, waist, hips, one thigh, one arm, left/right bikini.

Which leads some to the question- what the hell is a bikini?

This is when you measure around where your underwear/panties/bikini bottom would go. It measures around the hip joint and butt cheek and I'm guessing this is mostly a butt measurement since hips doesn't always include some of the butt.

I am off to bed now, I will weigh in tomorrow morning. Have a good night!

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