Friday, February 10, 2012

A little preparation

Hello everyone-

I decided that my first day back to meta will be on February 13- this coming Monday.  I have already begun preparations.

My copy of the workout tracker-  not the original.  I am trying to get a printable copy of this up but when I try printing from the PDF the image comes out significantly smaller than it should be.

I also stopped over at Costco today for some food.  I picked up one of my favorites- hummus- over 2 pounds (about 1 kg) for about $5. I also got 2 pounds of carrots and 2 pounds of celery hearts. And yes, all 3 are meant for eating together.  I also picked up a big bag of raw walnuts for snacks.  I still have most of my jar of the shake, so that will be breakfast most likely.  I am still planning on trying the Sun Warrior protein to compare it to the wellness formula. 

Sorry for the late post, today was pretty hectic, and we got a snowstorm on top of that.  I hope the weekend goes better!

Have a great day!

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  1. carrots and hummus, so yum! i did day one of meta yesterday and mostly enjoyed it. I liked how much shorter it was than pds and mat and bootcamp. i stopped after doing one leg (disappointed by how freakin challenging it was) but then i watched tracy on qvc for a few minutes and thought to myself, "ten minutes is nothing to be able to have completed my meta workout for today" as the exercises for leg two take less than ten minutes to complete. I was also feeling badly that I couldn't do all the reps, and then I rememebered that I don't have to do all the reps, that I can just keep going and stop to catch my breath and then keep going again. I can't believe what a mental challenge TAM workouts are. I mean, I suppose any workout would be, but I find TAM has the most mental challenges of the things I've tried. She really could do a whole dvd talking about all the mental challenges you are about to face and how to overcome them. I only step touched the cardio and I was still feeling shin splints. So sad when your heart is into it and your body can't cooperate :( I touched my shins and was surprised to find how cold they felt. So I am going to buy some leg warmers and I hope so much that fixes that issue because it's so frustrating how much it's been holding me back. Oh well. Good luck with your Meta Monday!