Saturday, February 11, 2012

More preparations

Hello Everyone!~

In my second day of preparing for my Meta, I realized I had to give my workout space a very thorough cleaning.  My workout space is in a basement, meaning tons of crap that probably has to be thrown out and dust. Lots and lots of dust. Charming.

I spent about a good few hours cleaning up.  It's not done 100%, but there is a VAST improvement.  While meta cardio TECHNICALLY doesn't require a whole lot of space, there are times I do like to just go crazy and do my own thing freestyling and when I try that in a very small space, I feel very constricted.  I have the feeling that I CAN'T go all out because I am afraid I would bump into things and break them or break myself.

While that may sound like an excuse to some people, I am just one of those people who prefer a bit more room.

If you do Meta and you CAN have a lot of space, then that's wonderful!  I honestly feel that with more space you have less chance of injuring yourself or others in a way, and mentally you can focus more on the movements and really performing rather than being paranoid about crashing into a pile of dusty crap and working out at 50% effort for no reason. 

Tracy also happens to have a video about setting up/working with a small space:

Also, cleaning burns calories! Not only do I feel accomplished getting most of it clean, I probably burned off a little too. Every little bit helps. 

I'm about to go to bed and pass out.  Busy day tomorrow too!

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