Friday, February 3, 2012

I hate blisters...

Hello everyone!

I'm upset- I was supposed to start my workouts today, and then a seemingly small thing derailed it.

I got a nasty blister on the bottom of my left foot.  Ok, this doesn't seem so bad. Pop it and it will stop hurting soon, right?

Wrong. At least this time.  I got the blister yesterday after walking around for what seemed like forever, getting errands done, taking trains all over the place, etc.  So, I get home, take off my shoes and wonder why my foot is hurting, and I see the blister.

I washed off my foot, wiped the area with alcohol and popped it.  Usually when I have blisters, the water coming out is clear.  This time it looked like it had a little blood in it.  I poured some hydrogen peroxide on it and bandaged it up and waited a little while to get up and try to walk around. 

Ow. It hurt so much to walk that I could barely step on that foot. It didn't seem infected, but the pain was horrible.

Fast forward to today.

I get out of bed, and try to walk to the bathroom and it STILL hurts to walk.  No way am I going to be able to work out (especially the dance cardio) with this infernal blister. 

Speaking of feet, I finally decided my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6s are due to be put to pasture/become my outside shoes.  They're 2 years old and I can feel they just don't have much dance left in them. The pain I had last week was a major clue.  They aren't visibly worn on the bottoms very much but I am pretty sure internally they're on their last leg. 

So, I ordered the next model up- Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s.  They have the 8s out now too but they're more expensive and the 7s are on clearance.  My 6s were silvery and hot pink, I ordered these:

Le New Shoes!!!

$71.99 isn't bad considering that full price they are $105.  $33 off is never something I complain about. 

I had them shipped overnight (free when  you have VIP zappos like I do) so I will have my new babies on Monday!  Hopefully Mister Blister stops hurting so then I can give the new shoes a test drive!

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