Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still feeling like poop.

Hello everyone,

I am really sick of this horrid PMS/period I am having. It's convincing me all over again that I should go back to simple- STOP EATING GRAINS. When I was grainless my period wasn't quite this bad and in general I felt loads better.

I'm still going to follow weight watchers but kick the wheat and grains out. I really am asking for it  by continuing to eat grains. Ick.

I'm still not feeling up to my TAM work, but today I did walk for an hour, to and from work. 

If I am feeling better tomorrow, then I will do my TAM.  If I have time tonight I will go to the store and get some healthy fresh food. If not, I will go tomorrow and see what I can dig up out of my fridge.

Hope you guys are feeling better than me!  

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