Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello everyone!

I still have not fully jumped back on the Tracy train, I need to re-evaluate it again because my schedule has changed a lot, making me wonder if doing boot camp is even time-practical.  However, I have not been inactive- Mostly I have been walking. A lot.  As you may or may not know, I have a small dog- an 8 month old Miniature Poodle.  He has been helping me out, by receiving long walk time with mommy every day, at least an hour daily.  That on top of walking to my school when I have class, which is another 30-40 minute walk each way.

I am also back to work, so I am juggling even more- schoolwork, work, puppy time, errands, etc. Therefore I am thinking of just sticking to meta and building up on my cardio and slowly increasing my leg reps as if I were doing bootcamp. 

Next, I read an interesting article about CrossFit.  I do not want to sound offending/insulting to those who do it, but last year sometime, my blog was attacked by hard core CrossFitters, they were spamming my comments trying to get me to do it, even wrote nasty things about me, Tracy, etc on one of their forums.  Some of them have also gone on Tracy's facebook page to troll and post derogatory remarks, claiming that Tracy's followers act like we're in some kind of cult.

Well, a lot of them are calling the kettle black, and they're the pot.

I came across an interesting article called "Inside the Cult of Crossfit".  The author was writing about how he had a former girlfriend who was really into it and decided to try.  So he did, for 90 days.  He wrote about how really batshit insane some of the people are, and also about the worries of high risks of injury due to things like poor instruction. Hmmmmm. Sounds like a lot of the trash they were spewing about the Tracy Anderson Method.  Sure, there ARE some TAM followers who seem to act like it's a cult. There's some of those people in any kind of fitness. 

If people want to do CrossFit, more power to them! I really don't care what kind of fitness program anyone does as long as they enjoy it.  No need to bash other people for doing something they want.  I don't bash anyone either.  While my blog is mostly about TAM, I really welcome readers from any walk of life to come and discuss. So CrossFitters, TAMers, P90Xers, runners, bodyrockers, whatever your poison, it's welcome here. :)  Just don't be disrespectful like THOSE people were. 

I think next Monday (or sooner)I will start Meta, but until then I will keep up the walking, maybe do some webisodes and stretching. I made really nice copies of the workout tracker for meta, I will try scanning them and see how they turn out.

As for diet, I have been pretty good, not perfect but better than I USED to eat.  I just got home from the store after buying some fresh carrots and celery to munch on.  I have some Miso Chicken marinating in the fridge for my protein for the next few days. 

Have a happy hump day, and see you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Roxy! For some reason I haven't been able to log into the TAM community these past few days. It does forward the TAM stuff to my email though, so I figure I shall just respond to you here. I actually have never heard of crossfit? I'm sorry they were spamming you though. That is just annoying and mean. I was thinking is jumping ahead to meta too for the sake of saving time and also b/c these hour long workouts are so challenging! I like the challenge of TAM but I also want it to be doable so that it's sustainable. So we shall see. I'm glad you're keeping up with your walking though and improved eating habits. All the little things will amount to something for sure. Life is certainly a balancing act between work and school and a puppy, hehe. You'll find that balance in time and be able to get your workouts in too. Continued success to you!