Saturday, February 25, 2012

Off to a decent start.

Hello everyone!!!

Day 1 of taking better care of myself has gone ok so far.

I didn't do my TA workout today, but I did take the pup for a nice half hour walk.  I also went to the mall today and walked around for a bit, also picked up a new body spray at Victoria's Secret. 

As I promised myself, I did also take my vitamins today and I plan on doing some treatments to my face tonight. 

Diet was about 80% paleo today, when I was out I did have 2 crunchy tacos from Taco Bell- I searched before hand and they do not have wheat in them, so I figured that was a decent choice. 

Tomorrow I will attempt to have a 100% paleo day.  I plan on getting a TAM workout in there too. Since I missed a few days I am starting level 1 early but I do not have a set rest day or anything. I would LIKE to get at least 6 TAM workouts in a week, with extra walks. 

So today wasn't a total bust, looking forward to tomorrow! (sorry for today's boring post!)

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