Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 1, Part 1

Hello Everyone!

I have to say today didn't go quite as planned, But, first things first-

Let's start with my starting weight- (measurements on previous entry) 281.8 pounds. Wow. This isn't good at all, but it's a starting point.

Another thing that started well and turned bad- my eating! I began my day as I should, with my green juice, an orange, and some tea. Then I started getting cravings. My period has also started this morning.  I ended up eating  my dark chocolate mid-morning, and my first sweet potato at around 11 am. The worst part- I ended up raiding the refrigerator and making myself half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a few slices of salami. I know it's not the worst thing I could have done, but I do feel mentally awful being that it's my first day and I blew it. I did end up making the actual tofu protein soup- I did have everything I need on hand.  That's going to be dinner.

I need to probably come up with a way to replace the Gazpacho. I might suck it up and make it, but I am afraid of a repeat of today happening tomorrow. Or, I might have another sweet potato. Those are filling, the reason for my mini binge was pure hormones.  Also, sweet potatoes cook well in the microwave.  I put a good sized one (poked full of holes and wrapped in a paper towel) in the microwave and hit the "baked potato" button and it came out perfect. 

I have super low energy today- have had it since yesterday actually.  Going to gulp down some water and bang out my workout. I will check in on that when I'm done. :)


  1. Hi!
    I want you to know that you're not alone. I was doing the diet plan and after 4 weeks I just couldn't anymore. It's full of nutrient rich foods but the reset weeks are just not that healthy. Everyone I've showed, including trainers say it's way to low in calories. It messed up my gastritis and I even had to take a week off from the working out. I'm looking around for changing the diet to something that won't be so crappy and I can enjoy and not have to cheat. I'm very overweight myself and it's frustrating because I want to lose my weight before my wedding this year November. But remember you're not alone. Wish you all the best. And don' be so hard on yourself.

  2. I read this and had to comment. This is a lifetime commitment- no rush. Maybe baby steps? I am on day 30 of metamorphosis and have seen huge changes by stopping all my nonstop snacking.
    My baby step was having to train my body to handle not eating whenever I want and let myself know that it is ok to be hungry sometimes instead of being ruled by food.
    I try to keep my calories for meals around 400 each and then have 2 snacks (midmorning and mid afternoon) that are around the 300 calorie each. If I have a bad day, I just try the same thing again the next day.
    Maybe in a couple months I will try the TA diet, but I know I am not ready yet.
    So... My advice is to do whatever you can at this time!:)

  3. i think you did really great! especially considering your substitutions were far lower in calories than tracy's original plan. an orange is about 60 calories and her blueberry applesauce is 330. a green naked juice is 130 calories and her power juice is 330. no wonder you were hungry!

    the nutrient boost weeks are a detox/cleanse and there isn't a lot of protein. you might want to consider doubling up on the soup or even adding in a little meat if you feel low energy. i would often add a bit of coconut oil or butter to my sweet potato because i get a little depressed and cranky if i go too low fat.

    i agree with somia that the reset weeks are too low in cals. use them as a base, but i'd plan on more food. good luck!

  4. There are lots of great suggestions for changes here, if you are low on energy. Personally, I focused on adding nutrients to my diet for the first four weeks. I'm only now, in Level 3, starting to consider cutting/tracking calories. And I lost 9 inches just with the exercise plan! You can definitely do it. If you make a mistake or eat something you shouldn't, view it as a learning experience for what you will change next time. Willpower is only part of the equation. Feeding your body what it truly needs to function is very important. Looks like you got some great vitamins today! Add some more protein and you'll be golden. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! I decided to dump her eating plan (so many people say it's shitty!) and go back to weight watchers.

    1. I Roxy. Just read this now. Weight watchers is great. Right now I'm just eating low calories and doing her muscular structure. I changed her cardio because I just didn't feel like it was doing anything for me. I'm alternating between Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs cardio (both from Beachbody). I wish you the best on your journey!