Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tomorrow is the day!

Hello everyone!

I can finally get back to working out tomorrow!  So excited!  Day 1 of 30 begins tomorrow.

In the meantime.... 

Tracy was on QVC again- this time, very pregnant (I believe she is 6 months along now).

One thing I did notice which is a major change- At about the 3:55 mark, she actually addresses that she wants to help women get past our insecurities, that she does not want to try to make us into something that we're not, but to "be your best you" and that we are all beautiful, unique and she does not want to make all women the same.  A far cry from her old "Perfection/teeny tiny" speech. (Perhaps I should change the name of my blog, knowing that?) I think this is a great change, it promotes a much healthier mindset than striving for "perfect".  Maybe she was trying to say that but finally worded it in such a way that it sounds more positive.  I do remember when she was pushing teeny tiny, that she also would say 'Your teeniest, tiniest point', keyword "your". 

Again, I look forward to doing my first workout ALL WEEK.  This is gonna hurt. In a good way.

Have a good night everyone~

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