Monday, February 6, 2012

New shoes!!!!

Hello everyone! 

I am contemplating working out (I probably will, Mondays I work all day and have class in the evening), in the meantime, I got my new shoes!

They look a lot like my old ones except the old ones were silver where the black is.  Still hot pink.  I am about to try them on, if they don't fit right then back to Zappos they go for a different size.

You know what? I guess I SHOULD work out, just because it's late at night doesn't mean I get to use it as an excuse. Also, tonight's workout should be pretty short- 20 reps MS and 10 minutes of step touch DC to get me back into it.   

Also, one of my readers gave me an idea, but I haven't decided if I am going to do it- it depends on how able I am to do bootcamp level 2 when I get to it. 

Will share later!

Have a good night, off to try on my shoes and hopefully get a workout in. :)


  1. Hey girly, get that workout in if you can. Every day there is an opportunity for an excuse. Every day is an opportunity to learn to work through it. I love this quote I heard, something like you regret 100% of the workouts you don't do, but never the ones you do do. Get in there, you can do it :)

  2. I love Leah's comment - I know I'm constantly making excuses to skip my workout, I actually just got back into it today after FOUR DAYS off (yikes!)... so I think we all need to remember why we're doing this! Because we're going to feel good about it afterwards - maybe not during, maybe not RIGHT after, maybe not when we wake up sore the next morning, but we will :)