Friday, February 17, 2012

To Market, To Market...

... To buy me some food. 

Either tonight or this weekend I am going to go to the store and grocery shop. While thinking about what I was going to buy, I came across a story from a woman online who did Meta Omnicentric, was about my current weight, and lost 70 pounds- SEVENTY POUNDS in 4 months (and still losing!) following the diet and working out. 

She says she followed the diet to a T. So, I gave the Metamorphosis Dynamic Eating Plan another gander- Week 1, is that nutrient boost, and I remember spending so much money on the food, that it turned me off from it. I re read the ingredients and then came to another realization-

This would save me a lot of money.

I want to do a little experiment-

1. Go to the grocery store with a pad of paper
2. Write down the costs for all of the ingredients I would need for week 1 if I were to buy them fresh.
3. Write down the costs for all of the ingredients I would need for week 1 if I were to buy them canned/prepared
4. Sit down and weigh out the differences.
5. I will omit the Gazpacho soup from the plan.  Honestly I do NOT like it and I think it tastes awful.  I will double up on veggie protein soup instead, if I am even hungry.
6. Omitting beets and spinach from the juice and just making a kale/apple juice.  For the prepared version I will use a bottled green juice.
7. I also dislike the kiwi puree, and would double up and use another serving of applesauce instead if I am hungry.
If I can save a substantial amount of money by combining the cheapest fresh and prepared ingredients, I will likely give the Metamorphosis diet another shot. 

Have any of you made adjustments to the diet to save money/adjust for tastes? How did that go?


  1. julie from sent me these shortcuts for the first week:
    - With the sweet potato corn pudding, I just buy frozen corn in a bag and count 1 serving (per package directions), as 1 ear of corn. It takes away the step of shucking and removing the kernels from the corn.
    - For the blueberry applesauce, Trader Joe's actually sells an organic wildberry applesauce that I eat instead of making my own applesauce. If you don't have a Trader Joe's nearby, you can find an all natural applesauce (check the ingredients to make sure there is no added sugar) and just add in blueberries.
    - For the gazpacho, I use fresh tomatoes instead of roasted tomatoes. It takes away the need to roast my own tomatoes and I also think fresh tomatoes taste better over any canned version of roasted tomatoes.
    - For the kiwi puree, I use a few splashes of not-from concentrate orange juice instead of buying an orange and then juicing it.
    - For the chocolate pudding, I substitute tofu instead of chestnuts because chestnuts are near impossible to find this time of year.

    i would sometimes not even bother with the corn and just eat a baked sweet potato instead. if you're not a fan of sweet potatoes, in her book tracy uses an edamame puree instead:

    3/4 c shelled edamame
    1 carrot, peeled and chopped
    handful of raw spinach
    pinch of cayenne pepper

    steam the edamame and carrot for 5-10 min. blend the edamame and carrot with spinach and cayenne. add water as needed to thin the puree for blending. this is a single serving, so i'd do this x 4 or 5 so you don't have to make it every day. this is good with just edamame and carrot steamed with no pureeing too. (chew well!)

    for the blueberry applesauce, i like to use frozen blueberries and chop them up in a food processor. then i seal them back up and put them in the freezer. i can mix up natural applesauce with some of the shredded frozen blueberries (this gives it a bit of a sorbet icey texture that I love). this is nice because you can just make it as you go.

    for the chocolate pudding, you could measure out a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips and eat that (i would also just eat 2-4 squares of dark chocolate) it's just as delicious and one less thing to prepare. dark chocolate also has less sugar.

    if you don't want to juice kale and beets, you could buy a green naked juice instead or something similar. just check the ingredients and make sure you're not really buying a green sugar drink! you can start out using a little less kale and more apple and increase the kale as you get used to the taste. but, kale can be hard to find and it's better to make substitutions that work for you than give up! another thing to do is add kale to your soup.

    good luck!

  2. Wow- I like those ideas. Having a baked sweet potato (I think they're yummy) sounds actually much healthier than mixing in corn (a starchy carb that some people do not digest well). Also the chocolate part is good too- I love dark chocolate and sometimes you can get it pretty inexpensively. I have also bought green Naked juices! Less messy than cleaning a juicer every morning and the Naked Green Machine has more vegetables and fruit in it. I have read that one's ingredients, no added sugar and the big bottle can last a week if you measure out an 8 ounce cup each time.

  3. Hmmm. I never thought about buying the green naked juice. I thought it had extra sugar. They sell it at Costco. It like $5 for 1/2 gallon. I found that kale, fresh corn, basil, apples are cheaper at the farmers market or local Co-op. But I didn't like taking the corn off the Cobb. It was too much work. I did steam 4 sweet potatoes and 3 ears of corn, I didn't puree it. I like to chew. I put it in plastic containers and brought them all to work, along with blueberry applesauce. Quick tummy lunch. Or you may try ethnic markets. I'm in Los Angeles and the Mexican grocery stores have the lowest produce prices. Apples are .50 LB, ORANGES 10 FOR $1, KIWI IS .25ea, basil .50, kale $1.50...