Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tracy's Leggings on Sale!

Hello everyone!

Remember how I posted about Tracy making leggings?  I received the following email letting me know that they are now on sale for TAM fans!

I am absolutely thrilled to have taken my first dip into the fashion pond with my legging collection for Edition 01. People have always asked me where I get my leggings, and I never know how to answer, mainly because I am always altering my leggings and mixing fabrics from different leggings to create the styles I wear. After buying almost every brand of legging on the market, I found that the perfect workout legging for me and my body just didn't exist yet. As I have watched so many amazing women embark on their transformation with my method, I have learned that they also want to look rockstar all the way through the journey! I devote a lot of my time to the marriage of science and creativity, in order to be able to continuously give women the tools they need to fight aging, problem areas, and take care of their health. I have stacks of black leggings that I have cut and tailored, as well as stacks of leggings with pops of color and funk. I love getting suited up to work out and use my body, and I think its so important to like what you are wearing while you are working out - it's that extra motivator.
Edition 01 Leggings
Edition 01 Leggings My amazingly talented friend, Jessica Wilpon Kamel, collaborated with fashion consultant Estefania Lacayo to create a fashion site that has traveled into uncharted territory. Edition 01 is a fashion platform that allows industry icons to create limited runs of their designs but also allows experts like myself to step into a designer position. I chose to start this collection with the perfect black legging that delivers in the way that so many women have wanted for years. I wanted to design this collection after my Metamorphosis series and deliver four different leggings designed specifically for each body type of Metamorphosis - Omnicentric, Glutecentric, Hipcentric, and Abcentric. Just like with your workout, I love the idea of being able to identify which clothing to wear based on which area you would like to improve upon.
I naively thought that through my experience of designing thousands of butts and thighs, designing leggings for those butts and thighs would be an easy task. I realized quickly that I was in for a rude awakening and definitely have a new appreciation for all designers in the fashion industry. I wasn't willing to compromise on fabrics, and I still wasn't satisfied with the fits after seeing many samples. I drove people mad with the seams and cuts, and with the patient help of an extremely talented tailor, I was finally able to manifest my vision of piecing together different fabrics and seams to create a legging collection that I feel is both sleek and sexy, whether at the gym or on a night out. I quickly learned that quality has a price, and that the rich fabrics and intricate seams are not something that can be easily produced. One of the things that I love about what I do is that I guide so many women to be their most proportioned, unique selves. I find it so unfortunate and off-putting that the fashion industry doesn't always reflect all of the different heights, sizes, and shapes of beauty. Especially because I know that the women who will be wearing these leggings are going to be of all shapes and sizes, so I wanted to represent that with the collection.
Edition 01 Leggings
Edition 01 Leggings
I launched this collection on Edition 01 on June 8, 2012 with four women modeling the leggings that I truly admire. These are women with different body types, heights, and shapes who have either just started their journey with my method or have been on doing it for years. The one thing common thread is that these women have a beauty that is infectious. They are all talented, smart, empowered, and they are changing peoples lives through entertainment, motherhood, business, and being their healthiest selves. I am so honored they agreed to represent and model my collection. Most importantly, I am SO excited for all of you to try them! Edition 01 has agreed to give all of the TAM fans a discount. If you click through to their site and put in this code you can receive a 25% off promotional discount:







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