Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ketogenic Diet On A Budget

Hello everyone!

I have lately been trying the Ketogenic diet on and off but I have to plan it better.  

My main concern is price.  I am reading up on what kind of foods are good and what aren't.

Ketogenic Food Pyramid

I also found a list of approved foods here.  I am still not great at planning meals and such out, so I need to learn and do it. 

Do you guys know any good websites on food planning? 

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  1. Hi again -- I hate meal planning too, but I've had wonderful success this month using "The Simple Diet" by Dr. James Anderson. I'm vegan, so I had to alter it somewhat (obviously the ketogenic thing would never work for me, LOL) but I've lost about 12 lbs in the past 3 weeks. It is indeed simple -- practically foolproof -- as well as delicious. Dr. Anderson has published many peer-reviewed articles about it for many years, so I trust his system.

    BTW a couple of months ago you pointed out the Pop Physique dvds -- I did buy them, and they look awesome! However, they look a little intense, so in summer, when I have next to no energy, I am concentrating on doing Pilates every day, which is calming and friendly -- I look forward to it, rather than dreading it on hot days.