Saturday, June 16, 2012

A little inspiration for me

Hello everyone!

Lately I have been kind of feeling blah about exercise, motivation to 0.  Then I decided to re-read something that inspired me.

There was a lady who entered a Tracy contest for before and afters with Metamorphosis.  She lost 61 pounds and a lot of inches off her body.

Then I googled it and found the blog post by Tracy.


A month ago I asked my community members to share before and after photos and Metamorphosis success stories with our team. The photos and stories that have been pouring in are truly inspirational!  I’m absolutely blown away and proud of my community. What a wonderful group of strong and beautiful women!
Today i’d like to showcase our winner of this competition, who has a particularly amazing story. It’s a story of overcoming hardship and finding confidence again. It’s a story about doing what it takes to both look AND feel beautiful. It’s a story about working hard and getting results using my Metamorphosis routines! This is the story of Palesa Melvin.
After seeing me on E! News with Cat Saddler, Palesa ordered Metamorphosis (Omnicentric) and began her journey. She had gained a lot of weight in response to serious trauma in her personal life. And even though Palesa had an active childhood, and had gone to the gym throughout her adulthood, she struggled because – as she says, I put muscle on incredibly easily and always bulked. Ugh!”  
Just days into Metamorphosis Palesa saw results, “I think just 4 days into it, my mom was like: ‘Holy moly! Your thighs are shrinking!’ She was excited to see me transform as much as I was!”
To date Palesa has lost 61 pounds. 10 inches off her bust, 3.5 inches off her arms, 12.5 inches off her waist and 3.5 inches off her hips! I am so proud!
She’s truly a girl after my own heart and won’t settle for anything less than total success! She’s already purchased Omnicentric Continuity and has set some goals for the spring, “My goal is to get to a size 4 by the new year and a size 2 by my birthday in March.”
Go Palesa! You are an inspiration to all of us!
Palesa mentioned learning 3 things in Metamorphosis that I can’t help but share. She says, 
“Taking care of myself and putting myself first is NOT selfish” So True!  And she continues, 

“Being healthy strong and connected to my body is a much better state to be in.”
And finally, “Working out in a non-conventional way has produced results that have blow traditional fitness out of the water!”
Thank you for sharing your story Palesa and congratulations!

Her story of how she gained the weight is similar to mine- I also had some trauma in my past that led me to turn to food for comfort for a while.  And seeing her before and afters... Wow.  She gives hope that even big girls like me can do it. 

Here's before
And after- 61 pounds later!

So, I am going to try again on Monday- all 40 reps per leg even if it takes all day.  From a quote from the Mat DVD- "you'll feel like you can't but you must, you really must!"

If I can get this kind of a result in 3 months from eating well and doing Meta- I'll give it one more go!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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