Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hello everyone!

I have again decided to go back to Metamorphosis this week. After reading previous posts and a message from a reader, she had some points.  I never ever made it past bootcamp level 1. I have, however, made it to level 5 of Meta.

All in all I think Meta is better for me, so I will start again this coming week. 

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  1. Girrrl, bootcamp is hard! I couldn't get through it...I really like having Tracy working out with me the whole time like she does in meta rather than just demo-ing the moves and then letting me fly solo. I need that support, even if she isn't chatty cathy, you know? You can def apply your bootcamp technique of only doing 20 reps on day one and then building from there with meta too. Good luck dear, have a nice weekend!